(Percentage of the radiated energy that is reflected, transmitted or absorbed by the material or surface). KoolKat consists of microscopic crystals with a snow-like whiteness that reflects the entire spectrum of solar radiation, as well as infrared and ultraviolet. Unlike other reflective white products that lose this property in less than 6 months, KoolKat maintains its whiteness percentages for up to eight years, making it maintenance free.


(It is the ability by which a surface when heated or cooled returns to its original temperature). The highest emittance value is the unit (100%); the surface where KoolKat is applied (Cool Ambient Technology) will never heat because its index is 92%.


(Physical process that tends to attract water vapor or moisture) Koolkat’s formula absorbs moisture from the environment (up to 10% of its weight). When heated by the sun, moisture evaporates and the surface cools. This cycle is repeated millions of times during the day.


KoolKat (Cool Ambient Technology) was born as a result of a university project of young researchers of the UNAM and UNL (Mexico), in the search to create a product capable of contributing to the substantial costs of electric energy, as well as the reduction of pollutant emissions in the environment.
By the strategic combination of minerals and crystals a water-based coating was formulated, which protects any type of roof or structure, against the absorption of the thermal load, which is the essential factor of heating and erosion of surfaces exposed to the sun.
Coating the surface with KOOLKAT, reduces the temperature inside structures favoring internal cooling start times of air conditioners, refrigeration chambers, and industrial machinery.
Its effectiveness as an energy-saving product has been endorsed by CFE and FIDE (Energy Saving Institute in Mexico).