Keeps your roof cool which saves energy.

Cools and protects any surface exposed to the sun, even on surfaces that already have heat insulation.

A triple coat is applied which maintains indoor temperatures fresh and comfortable. KoolKat never loses its original high reflectance nor its original whiteness (88.3%), after 3 years (84.9%) and after 8 years (81.7%). A triple-shield coating is applied.

Saves up to 20% on your electricity bill due cooling and A/C costs.

Stops corrosion and brigs new life to oxidized metal sheet.

Protects your waterproofing and prolongs its useful life due to the reflectance of infrared rays, rain and pollution.

Prevents the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria inside A/C ducts.

It is non-flammable, non contaminated and non toxic.

Benefits handling food conditions.

Useful life of up to 8 years, after which based on the wear suffered by the coating, a re-application a single-layer is required.

3-year installation warranty.

Maintenance free.

Benefits overlap water leak decrease because it avoids thermal shock by keeping the surface under ambient temperature.