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Frequently asked questions

1What does a cool roof do?
A cool roof will reduce the amount of energy used to cool a building or structure. KoolKats patented technology will drastically reduce the temperature of a surface. Also, KoolKat will extend the life of the surface where it is applied due to its reflectance features.
2What is the difference between KoolKat and other cool roofing technologies?
We love this question because the differences are truly amazing. Other cool roofing technologies in the market today, have less reflectance, lack their ability to keep their whiteness over the years, and require re-application and maintenance on average within the first 2 years. The most significant difference is that KoolKat’s patented technology features Hygroscopy which is a feature that allows KoolKat to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and uses that moisture to cool itself, and consequently the surface it is applied over. This feature also allows KoolKat to clean itself and maintain its key features for years.
3What is KoolKat made of that makes it stand out from other similar technologies?
KoolKat is mineral based. It is made from natural resources that give it its distinct eco-friendly badge. Other similar technologies in the market are made out of Polyurethane chemicals and Acrylic Paints. KoolKat will reduce the carbon footprint associated with energy use for any structure.
4What are the main benefits of applying KoolKat?
The key benefits include, less energy use which translates to lower cooling costs, increased comfort inside the structure, and reduced carbon footprint left by buildings. These are a few key benefits of apllying KoolKat but there are numerous other benefits!

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